What gender are my Russian Orloffs?


7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
I'm pretty new to chickens, I only have four at the moment-- three Russian Orloffs and a RIR. I got these Orloffs mostly to keep my RIR hen company (and because they look so cool). They are currently about 22 weeks old, and at first I thought they were all pullets, but now I have no idea. They are sweet birds, but definitely inbred-- one has a cross-beak (Igor), one has a neck twitch (Katie), and one seems quite healthy (Violet). Violet is slightly bigger than the other two, which I originally thought was because she was the only completely healthy one, but now I'm wondering if she might be a rooster.

When I got them at 15 weeks, none of them had back feathers and since then they've grown in very nicely-- it's hard to tell if they are saddle feathers or just spread out funny because they're growing in.

No eggs or crowing from any of them although they are very chatty.

Here's Igor:
Igor looks thinner in this photo because she is craning her neck to check out my camera.

And here is Violet (sorry about the poor quality):

Igor on the right and Violet on the left. Keep in mind that Igor's crossbeak keeps her from eating as much-- I wonder if the difference in size is just nutritional. But Violet's new back feathers are quite a bit longer.

Here they are at 15 weeks:

I just want to add that the third Orloff is basically in between these two in size and feather length. She is kind of skittish, so I couldn't get a picture.
All cockerels
Best example is the second to last pic you posted, the shot looking down onto the bird's back. You can easily see shiny, flowing saddle feathers there. They all have them. Plus, hens are more evenly colored and not as leggy and upright, legs are thinner.
Definitively cockerels. I'll take one. I'll take one too. The one in the front, right of that last pic looks just like the cockerel I just lost.

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