What gender is my EE?


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5 Years
Aug 30, 2014
I bought a few ameraucanas from a farm who ordered from a hatchery. They are EEs and are supposed to be all pullets. This one chick looks very different and i wanted an opinion. They
are 7 weeks old.

The two both look like pullets.Plus,by now you should have heard crwoing.When they begin it sounds like a scary awkward sound.Those are possibly cocks,but I think their Pullets.
Crowing by 7 weeks doesn't always happen so you cannot go by that at all. Males can crow in the first week of life (though it sounds like a tiny "buh-REET!") or they can be almost a year old when they crow for the first time. It varies too much to go by that.

Looks like a pullet to me at this point.

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