What gender is this year old Cockatiel?

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    Nov 13, 2011
    I have a Cockatiel I recently got (December 15th 2011) and I was told that he and his brother were a year old and that they imitated sounds like "Hello Pretty Bird." I came to find that only his brother, who has the neon yellow face, does that. I named him Murphy because I thought he was a boy, but I'm confused now. He doesn't have a lot of yellow and he's not as social as his brother (Cooper) is. Here is a recent picture of him, which was in January. What do you think?


  2. I had 2, its a female (i think), heres a hint

    A) has bright orange cheeks, female most likely

    B) ^ doesnt work if its a lutino

    C) prolly a girl, but her cheeks arent too bright so, just whatch if they breed, or if she lays eggs/both

    im no expert, i just know a lot about birds and so i remember things XD
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    Nov 13, 2011
    Thanks! So, do you think it's a female? It's definitely a Pearl patterned one, though. I forgot to mention that it has been hanging in the nest every time it comes out lately.
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  4. pearl? it looks like pied, but like i said, "NOT AN EXPERT!!" XD ya i thinks a female, but try this

    lift open her are/ look under her tail, look if you can see spots/barred lines, if you can, female, f you cant, try a black light, if you still cant, BABY BOY
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    Nov 13, 2011
    pearl? it looks like pied

    I looked up Pied and Pearl and this is what the Pied ones look like: (Cooper is a Pied) and then Murphy is a Pearl.


    And about the tail thing... Do you mean the under section of the tail, like designs? Murphy has spots ALL OVER his tail.
  6. XD ok so hes pearled, which means i have a pearled not a pied XD

    like under the tail like this
    this is a female, you should (on pearl) be able to see it easy, on my lutino it was kinda hard and i needed a black light

    heres the wing thing (just in case)


    isnt the best picture, but you will find the spots under the wings and tail if its a female

    these arent my tiels, i have a lutino and pearl but these arent mine, i had to give them up cause they were mean
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    Looks like a girl , boys have a yellow face;-) plus boys make a lot of racket.


    i know i said females have bright faces, well i forgot, MALES have bright faces!! ya shes a girlly girl FOR SURE
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    Males loose their pearling(speckles) after their first molt. It is a female is she's around a year old.
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    Yeah, that's a girl.. the females typically have "washed out" colors and rarely sing (but they happily scream). This is because the male is supposed to attract the female, thus his bold, bright colors and singing. The female needs to be able to blend in as she's tending the nest. Its not always true.. you will occasionally have the freak dull colored male and singing female (I had a friend who had one cockatiel that sang every day.. we thought it was a boy until it laid an egg). And with mutations like white-face pearls, its impossible to tell since they're only grey and white. The fool proof way to know is to take the bird to an avian vet and have a DNA test done (they'll clip a toenail to make it bleed, dab it on the testing paper, then use quick stop. It doesn't really hurt the bird). In a week or two, you'll have the results telling you if its a boy or girl. Or you can put the bird in with another that you know the sex of and see if they attempt to mate.
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