What gender/s are our two silkie crosses?


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Nov 19, 2020
They were born on the 1st of September, so they are almost 3 months old and they are Silkie crosses.
They look almost identical in terms of combs and wattles but obviously, have different colouring (see attached pic), the first pic was taken on the 12th of November and the rest of them were taken today.
Can anyone help us identify their gender/s?

P.s their cage is open so they can go outside on the lawn, they were just roosting when I opened the side door so they hopped down into their little run (they aren't stuck in there!).


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The white one looks like a cockerel, not sure about the buff colored one. I do not see much silkie in the white one. May be cochin cross?
Can you get a better photo of the buff colored? I think I see male saddle feathers, but I am not certain. This one may have some silkie in it due to the crest. They are nice looking birds. 😊

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