What happened to my 2 wk. old NN

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    Feb 17, 2008
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    I checked my little 2 wk old Naked Neck this morning and all of them.So I just went back again just about 2hrs ago and looked in on them again.They were all doing fine,except for my little NN.She was sitting down with her head bowed down.So I picked her up and she was breathing,but I noticed she had some fluid built up under her neck.It was clear.And she was alert some.So I put her beak in the water a little bit and she drank it.I kept doing that.And she tried to peep but could not.So I talked to a freind of mine and they just real easy pused the place and the fluid ran out of her mouth.So it went down.Well I brought her back home and then picked her up and then give her some water and then all of a suddenit come up out of her mouth and white stuff just ran down out of her little hiney and she dies just like that.What is wrong.?[​IMG]:hit She was so precious!!!!!

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