What happened to my chicken?


7 Years
Oct 25, 2012
Ok. this is a bit graphic, but i want to know what happened. I found a dead chicken inside of the coop. She was outside all day. Her face was like, disfigured, her skull cracked open and all of the the feathers only from one side of her face. Like a perfect straight line all missing from her head and neck. She was (of course) covered in blood. But i don't think she died there. There were no feathers, sign of a struggle, and no blood where she lay. And in the coop, she was the only bantam, surrounded by a bunch of other bigger, juicer, slower chickens. And she didn't look like, all detangled. she was just laying on her side. what do you think killed her? I don't think It was an animal. There wern't ant teeth marks. only the cracked open skull
No, the feathers were like, totally stripped. Like, perfect symmetrical line down its face. I fear a human may have done it... but i live in pretty much scenic nowhere.

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