What happened to my eggs and how can I prevent it this time??


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First off I have to give them credit for making it full term...they survived over a 24 hour power outage, below average temperatures, my newbie mistakes and out of 15, 8 made it to day 21...none hatched or begun until day 24 and only one made it to the external pip stage then died in the shell. Most of them were facing the opposite direction of the air cell which is wierd because they were propped up with the air cell end facing slightly upwards, should it have been more? Humidity issues maybe?
What was your humidity during lockdown? I dont think being propped more would matter, We hatch ours on their sides. Although I watch to make sure the pointed end isnt higher then the air cell end we dont really prop ours up at all. We have rarely had one on the wrong end.
What did you use to set the eggs in the incubator?
The eggs that you collect outside or buy, w.e. needs to be set up with the pointy end down so the air cell is on top. also turning the eggs every few hours before putting them in the incubator might help.

Now when incubating, The eggs need to be turned 3 times a day( Or atleast I do, some do every hour or every 3.)
Also make sure the humidity is not fluctuating or the temp either.
I know things happen with power and what not, If power goes out here, I replace the water with warm water and cover the incubator with a thick blanket of some sort. does not fix the problem but It seems to help a bit, but power doesn't go off long here.

Hope more expeirenced people chime in. I would also like to have new tips and pointers on ncubation.

Sorry for your loss though:(
I would say that the temperature drop for that 24 hours is what did them in. The late hatch is the key to my reasoning.

They never made "the turn" to align with the air cell because they were not developed enough to do so at the correct time.

Better luck next time!

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