What Happened To My Hen?


12 Years
Sep 30, 2007
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
Hi there,

I came home from work to find my 2-yr-old black sex link hen, Zoolie, dead. She was laying on her side, with her legs stretched out behind her. No sign of trauma, her eyes were closed. She looked very peaceful. Around her beak there was a puddle of fluid.

Any ideas? As far as I know there is nothing toxic in the yard that she could have got in to.
LisaJean, I came home from work one day last year to the same sight. I didn't notice a puddle of fluid nearby though, but it was a bit dark. She was a young one too.

Maybe egg bound? Maybe internal layer? I never did find out. Sometimes it just happens. I'm sorry for your Zoolie.

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