What happened to this egg????

Sue S

Mar 7, 2018
I'm on day 22 of incubating mallard duck eggs & I candled them this morning & this egg had no movement but looked like it was developing fine & I just went to turn them and noticed a dark spot on both ends ( see pic ). Can anybody please tell me what happened?????
bad egg.jpg
Not an expert especially with duck eggs, but I think you have a quitter there. I know with my chicken eggs, when a dark patch appears on the bottom of the egg and it looks like there is clear or yellow liquid on top of the dark patch, the chick is dead. Other folks will chime in here and I hope I am wrong. :hugs
I just hatched my set of Kadaknaths and the last one hatched a minute ago..
Seeing this , I guess the aircell has been broken and it must be the chick..Depends on what day your eggs are...

One other possible reason is that this must be an egg bomb..Full of infectious Bacteria


I know its a nerve wacking Time..:he
Stay cool...You will be seeing a lot of fluffy butts soon

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