what happens if i croos these?

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    Jan 16, 2014
    i just hatched some of my own eggs rir and br my roo is rir so i ended up w some rir and some black sex link. i will keep the blacks to aadd a variety to my flock but im already planning ahead for next year i think im going to use my moms eggs for hatching to again add variety to my flock. she has rir, buff orpington and siilver laced wyandotte. the slw being her rooster so my question is what will happen when you have a slw roo over rir hen and a slw over a buff orpington hen? obviously the slw roo w slw hens make slw chicks lol. i know if it was the other way around rir roo over slw hen i would get sex link but i cannot find any info on the reverse and i cant find any info at all on a slw crossed w buff orpington
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