What happens when the pecking order is established?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by langhornes, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Hi everyone,

    for about 3 months, we've had two golden comets. The girls are great. Love 'em. But this week, we added two new "chicks" to the flock -- a black austraulorp and an americauna. (no roosters in our hen house). The pecking order thingy is definitely underway. Hard to watch and kind of noisy. I know this is natural, but it is a little traumatizing for all involved. No surprise here, but the comets are bullying the other two around -- who are now so skittish and flighty.

    So, I get that it may take a week or two for them to work out their differences (all in all, while at times dramatic, it's not bloody or anything), but what happens when it's over? Will my new girls live in fear all their lives? Will they all start, for the most part, getting along? Truly, these two new ones just hide.

    As far as laying goes -- the comets and the americauna are laying (this is day for and so far we've gotten 2 eggs out of the americauna - the comets lay every day). The BA should start laying in a few weeks.

    Help! I'm so new to this and feel awful for my new chickens!
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    Give it time. They'll all get over it eventually.

    Just watch the one at the bottom... give it a little TLC and perhaps some treats away from the others from time to time
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    I relate to it as watching your children fight,sometimes you got to let things run their course. My older girls have been together over a year now and the order is established but thats not to say there are not reminders as to who is the boss. Surprisingly there are 2, a RIR and a Barred keep the others in check. But I have never seen the bosses square off,kind of like a mutual respect. Once the NEW order is established and the dust settles the chickens will know their place and not be in fear. Not unlike a corporate takeover!

    I am in a similar situation introducing 6 new chicks to the flock. Penned the new girls along side of the run and everything was fine. This week have been giving them a little co-mingle time and its been a rough for the chicks. Three of my RIR,normally the sweetest girls going are chasing the chicks all over the place. The other reds and Barreds could care less about them including the Roo.
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    Quote:Exactly. Once everyone knows their place, things will calm down.

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