What happens when you try to scare a bear away from food?

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    A fellow chicken lover has been having bear problems, not to far from this area. Search "Bear attack at Union Valley Campgrounds". This bear had no fear of humans and knew where and how to get the food. This man and his family is lucky the bear didn't kill them. Had he not had the gun, it very well might have. The outcome of this was unavoidable since the bear had learned where to get easy pickins. Those of you that believe you can just run out and scare a bear off, I hope you learn a lesson from this man's mistake. Once a bear finds food, it will come back time and time again, until it is put down or hurts someone.
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    Poor misunderstood bear!! He just wanted Goldies poridge and to sleep in her bed.
    If everyone had stood around and held hands and sang songs I'm sure he (bear) would have joined them. Then he would still be alive and everyone would live happily ever after. [​IMG]
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