What has a better hatch? Handturning or automatic turner?

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  1. I've read several posts on here and another board I frequent. What do you suppose has a better hatch rate, automatic turner or hand turning? I have a automatic turner now but wonder should I hand turn them as well in the cups? What do you all think? Anybody done any experiments on it?? Also if you hand turn how many leave them in the cartons?
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  2. Ok so it is not just me! I have had the worst luck with my turner!!! [​IMG] I have 2 egg turners and 3 incubators. BUT WHEN I USE THE TURNER I HAVE HUGE LOSSES!!!!!! [​IMG] So I would love to hear if this happens to anyone else. As of April 7th I have been turning over 70+ eggs a day!!! :eek: If this is what it takes to get my hatch rate up then so be it!!
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    Gee, if the turner is actually working properly, there should be no losses due to the turner, just doesn't make sense. I use an autoturner all the time and have great hatches. I am using two different bators out of necessity right now and a turner wont fit in the second one. I'm hand turning those eggs and I wish I didn't have to, but we'll see what happens. Its my first time doing it that way.
  4. Oh they work just fine. I just have had NO LUCK with them. :mad: And I know the eggs are fresh, they are from my flock! [​IMG] This is just my type of luck. The easiest way to do things always end up the hardest!! [​IMG]
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    Yeah, I hate it when things dont make sense, LOL. Hope your luck changes!
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    I have only had the one hatch - and it was only 3 eggs LOL but I did turn them by hand - I dont mind it of course I only had 3 eggs in there, i am working on getting a turner, but if for some reason I dont get it - I will just turn by hand - i kinda like it - call me crazy but it really helps you bond with the baby when you know it depends on you to turn it. [​IMG]

  7. I was just curious what you pro's have been doing? I will continue to stand by my turner but have one bator without one and I will have three batches started this week once my genesis gets here. I have heard others say they have more luck w/o the turner than with a turner but maybe it's just the way the chip or the egg falls so to speak.
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    I have heard others say they have more luck w/o the turner than with a turner but maybe it's just the way the chip or the egg falls so to speak.

    As long as they are turned, the eggs don't much care who turns them [​IMG]

    In a still-air incubator, regular hand-turning compromises the humidity levels too much .... I would avoid it if I could.

    In a forced air incubator, it's just boring, and requires you are pretty much *in attendance* for 18 days.​
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    I have done both methods and never found a difference. I did have a Hova turner that you could feel the vibration from by placing your hand on the incubator. Hatch rate with it did suffer. Once I remounted the motor with rubber grommets it was fine.
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    After you said that, Kurtis, I had to run over and put my hand on the Hova to see if I felt anything. Mine must run pretty smoothly because I didn't, thank goodness, but I can see where a clunky turner could possibly vibrate eggs a bit too much. Interesting point.

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