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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by Becky_H, May 18, 2009.

  1. Becky_H

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    We have a 5 month old pygmy billy goat here -- I picked him up yesterday from a nasty situation. He was with his mom before I heard about him/agreed to take him, but she was in such bad shape she was put down.

    So, now I have a 5 month old goat who has never had any real experience with people, never been outside a shed without light, even, and never been without his mom. I'm trying to find someone else with goats, but meanwhile --

    This kid is just breaking my heart. He's screaming his head off, scared to death of everything, isn't eating well, and Does Not Under ANy circumstances want to leave the dog crate we brought him home in. When moved outside he just freaks the hell out, bolts around and shoots under the nearest thing he can find and cowers.

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    It will take time for him to adjust and if he had a friend he would do alot better. I bet he hasnt been wormed either or any other type of vaccinations...it does take them time if its new to them and he will eventually come out. Do you have anyone there that has another goat you could put him with? This would help him alot...Good luck
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    First I want to commend you for saving the little guy! [​IMG]
    He is young so most likely will settle and tame. Go slow. I have had wild goats before and I have usually seen progress in weekly stages. Just go out and sit in his area. Let him get use to you being present with out trying to touch him. Once he gets use to your presence, then start feeding from your hand. Goats are naturally inquisitive so use that to your favor.
    Good luck!
  4. wegotchickens

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    Talk a lot in a soothing voice. Get him used to that sound and your smell. And just let him hide for a little while. Poor baby doesn't know he has a better life yet!

    [​IMG] to you for taking him in!!
  5. Fudgie

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    Oh that is horrible. So glad you rescued him. I agree, just be around him. Don't push HIM, let him see that you are there to feed and water him and not hurt him. Eventually, he will come around. We bought a girl sort of like that and within a week of feeding her like this, she started not RUNNING FOR COVER when we came in the barn and instead bleated out like "HI" a week later I could pet her head while she ate. Now you cannot get her out from under your feet! [​IMG]

    Trust is what this little guy needs. and YES WORM him. a mineral block might not be a bad idea either.
  6. Blooming chicks

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    Becky--you're awesome for saving this little guy. I have read lots of stories about bring new babies home, and it sounds like he is doing what is pretty normal considering his bad situation. He will come around, just follow the advise above and take it slow. When everything has calmed down, and he seems more comfortable, send us some pics. Good Luck with him, keep us updated.
  7. Becky_H

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    So, this afternoon's looking better than this morning. He's calmed down enough to eat a bit, though he didn't come all the way out of the dog crate to do it. He's lying down comfortablly instead of plastering himself at the back, and generally seems to be doing a pretty good job of *slowly* relaxing. As long as I follow the advice here and move and talk slow and don't try to touch. We can do that.

    (Thanks guys.)
  8. Fudgie

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    Bring him yummies. Goat treats that he will LOVE! then he associates you with GOOD things! and if you can just sit and watch your chickies and "ignor" him. He will get curious as to what you are doing with those chickies and come nosing around. Then you can reach out and pet him as he walks by
  9. Chickerdoodle13

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    Just give him a little bit of time and he will come around for sure. Everything in his life is new and he just needs to adjust. Just make sure he eats and drinks and spend some nice quiet time around him. Soon enough you'll have a pet goat that won't leave you alone!

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