What Hens for Mr.Fuzzy?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Bleenie, Sep 28, 2010.

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    I have decided to go ahead and buy some pullet chicks from the local feed store, I just can't decide on a breed yet. I nearly bought 6 "Barred Rocks" today but it turned out they were actually Cuckoo Marans, so i decided to wait until their next shipment because I am just not familiar enough with that breed to commit to 6 for my new laying flock, lol.

    I know BR's are good layers and of course are very pretty. What kind of laying hens do you think would look good strolling around the yard with Mr. Fuzzy? No idea what he is besides Standard size, silked & has a slight barred pattern going on. The new girls will be my new Layers, so they will need to be good producers, broodiness doesn't really matter since I have Cochins [​IMG]

    Here's Mr.Fuzzy. He's still young so he should fill in more over the next few months, i think he's gonna have a very Cochin tail.
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    Well, Cuckoo Marans are a lovely breed, slightly muted "barring" similar to BRs, just not a distinctively barred. And more brown than black ... Mine is a nice chocolate brown with muted white barring. And CMs lay very dark eggs.

    In the picture below, the Cuckoo Marans is the hen at "10 o'clock" and the Barred Rock is the pullet at "7 o'clock" closest to my arm.

    Both Bernadette (CM) and Betsy (BR) are friendly, talkative and good layers.
  3. Bleenie

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    I knew the Marans laid the darker eggs & looked similar to BR's but that's about the extent of my knowledge of them, thats why i decided to hold off. Your girl looks pretty though & if theyre good layers i may end up getting a few of those still!

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