What I need for arrival?


9 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Shady Hills, FL
I have 4 young peachicks arriving Friday and I would like to know what I need to have on hand for them. The last ones I got in the mail unfortunately did not make it and I am trying again. So please anyone who can advise me would be greatly appriciated. Will post pictures when they arrive.
That is not the info I was looking for. I want to know what I need on hand in case they are sick. I don't want to run around looking for the meds/vitamins/etc just to lose the birds because I do not have them on hand.
When i got my chicks in the mail i had on hand Pedialite and Vionate powdered vitamin suppliment along with gamebird starter. I gave them a quart of pedialite, at first just the Pedialite then after a couple days i mixed half water half Pedialite. I mixed the gamebird starter with a tbsp of the Vionate every time i refilled feeder and kept them in the brooder with heat until they were 3 months old. I figured good hydration, warmth, vitamins and minerals were prevention as opposed to the cure and it has worked out for me. They are 6 happy peas and seem very healthy. That trip in the box had to be a major bummer. Worst, i found out i don't get overnight delivery to my zip so they were in the mail for a day and a half. But they seem to be thriving and are about 5 months old now living outside.
I did the same as KZ when mine arrived with the avian vitamins in the water. I made sure they had plenty of warmth in their brooder but also enough space they could get away from it if they wanted to. I put a "box inside of a box" so they had a place to go into that felt safe to them. They liked that & ran in & out of it for a couple of weeks (until they got too big for it & I removed it).

Warmth, vitamins, good food - mine are now outside also & doing fine.

Medications - Corid, Sulmet, Baytril - something in case of coccidia and something in case of respiratory illness.
Thanks guys that is what I was looking for. I ordered corid, sulmet, tylan and metro. I do not know where to get baytril? What do you use for coccidia? I am excited that they are coming friday!
You can get Baytril in liquid form, for parrots with out a RX online. All other forms require a vet's prescription. For Baytril, it is a strong antibiotic, but best used as a last option as you do not want birds to become immune to your last resort. Tylan etc... are very good, assessable medications. Many other meds you can find for fish, but it is still the same medication, example... Amoxicillian
They arrived today safe and sound. They seem nice and healthy so far. I gave them electrolyte water. Now I found this at my grocery store yesterday, so I tried it. They drank a lot of it today then ate medicated turkey crumbles. They only had non medicated game starter so I got the medicated turkey starter this is ok yes? tomorrow they get boiled eggs

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