What if eggs turn for all 21 days?

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    What if days 19-20-21 continued just like days 1-18 while incubating eggs that were being turned automatically by the incubator? My eggs are turned very slowly by my round, eight-sectioned, HTI20 Brower, and the directions say stop it from turning and begin removing plugs depending on the amount of condensation that begins when the chicks start hatching. When I hatched some last time they were all on or after day 21.
    So why can't eggs continue to turn the last three days (or more for that matter)?

    Edit: BTW, once there's a first chick hatched, it starts walking around knocking the other eggs all over the place, causing them to move a LOT more than what the incubator does.
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    I think it's more that people worry about them getting legs caught or having something similar happen. Plus, it's just easier to not have to clean the racks. The breeder near me occasionally lets them hatch in the turners. I've also heard of a few people who forgot to plug in their autoturners or one where there were eggs on top of the incubator that started to develop without being turned.
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    This made me think about the time that I had to go out of town on a family emergency and totally forgot about my eggs that were still in the turner. When I got home I had fluffy peeps sleeping in the egg cups. Luckily no one was injured and all was well [​IMG]
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    The reason for not turning after day 18 is so the chicks can position themselves for proper pipping so all there energy can be spent on getting out of the shell. If they are pointing downward they have to expend unnecessary energy to turn around and still pip.
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    Quote:The above plus the chicks getting stuck or hurt in the auto turner. If turning by hand then the bator keeps getting opened losing humidity.

    I did have duck eggs on my first set that started hatching early while I was still turning, but I stopped as soon as I noticed the first pip.
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    Turning them all 21 days is ok,even the hens turns until they hatch.
    They dont need turned the last 3 days,and chicks can get hurt by the turner.
    The larger incubater you would have chicks every where. So the eggs are placed in hatching trays with covers.
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    I've had chicks hatch that were in the turner still, I'm suprised that it didn't get caught and killed in turner. Only happened because it was a shell I didn't label in a stagger hatch, so it was totally my fault and not planned... But it is possible
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    of course as already stated, you want to avoid injuring the little guys. Also, it is a huge headache cleaning those turning racks. I forgot and accidentally left mine going once and the chicks hatched (no injuries thank goodness) and it was a nasty mess to clean up off of those racks. Much easier just to remove and go from there.

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