What in the world could have done this? WARNING GRAPHIC


10 Years
Aug 29, 2009
West Virginia
I come home to find this poor chicken like this.. Something pulled its head and next out of its body and proceeded to eat the insides... Opossum, coon??? I am totally baffeled at this one...
Looks like a coon.

Yea, probably reached through and grabbed her neck.
coon or possum....... get your trap set, load your gun, secure your coop..... they will be back until you kill them or they kill your entire flock.... it's you or them my friend....
I concur with all other posters. It was likely a raccoon. We caught a massive boar coon at Halloween this year after he killed a half a dozen of my best chickens. All of the damage was the same- necks stripped of feathers or gnawed through and the main body cavity eaten.
I am a newbie and want to prevent this. Were your chickens out of the coop? Was the coop opened by the coon, or a hole dug? Did this happen in the day or night? This info will help me building my coop. I want an open bottom run but if the coons dug under I will take my dad's advice and make it a screened bottom. I am so sorry this happened to you. I have a two year old and four year old and while they need to learn about these kinds of things I'd like to prevent this from happening if I can.
One of my friends had a chickens crop yanked out from a coon and still showed it and it got 2nd
but it healed of course.

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