What in the world is going on with this poop?

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  1. rachaelakers

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    Jan 2, 2013
    I have three hens. And this morning I went out and let them out of their coop and two of them walked behind me and one pooped an army green runny mess and there was a ton of it. So i stood out there to see what one did it and I have her singled out. She doesn't have a dirty butt. She just has what looks to me like diarrhea. The other two seem to be pooping normal But I guess my question is. What is a normal poop for a chicken. I know this is a gross thread. But I am curious. If there is something wrong I want to fix it. I can go take pictures if need be. But I doubt you guys want to see that. [​IMG]
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    Jul 24, 2011
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    Mar 5, 2011
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    I've noticed that some of my girls have runny poops and have dirty bottoms... But, can't seem to figure out why. They eat greens everyday and a soy free organic layer.... I'm guessing it just might be a normal reaction to some of the veggies. Please post if you come to a conclusion. Thanks
  4. [​IMG] You need to clean their bottoms with soapy water and a cloth, you can dab it, my friend Brooke her chicken got that and she has account on here so I could have her send you a PM if that would help, she knows a lot about that subject.
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    rachaelakers- Is your chicken acting okay? Like does she seem normal other than her poop? If so, her poop could just be normal. If chickens drink more water than usual (which isn't a bad thing) then their poops will be runny. My hen Snap had runny poo, but she was totally fine. Her poop will even out once she stops drinking a lot of water.

    nipper75- Are your chicken(s) looking lethargic? If she is, and has a very messy bottom, she very well could have a vent gleet. (by the way, I am chickens 4 ever friend [​IMG]) Vent gleets are caused by stress or injury. My hen Junior had one once. She ripped off her toenail, and she started acting lethargic. Her poo was very runny, and it got stuck to all her vent feathers. I rinsed it off in warm water (with rubber gloves on) to make her feel a bit better. Well, her feathers just got all messy again. A cure for a vent gleet is an animal antibiotic called Tetracycline. It's very broad and will treat her well. You can get it at feed stores. I got it at my local feed store. What it is a mix that you put in their water. Isolate your chicken(s) and put them on Tetracycline in their water for four days. Then back it off. See how they're feeling. If their poop is looking better, that's good. Another thing, if their poop looks good (nice and solid) say at day two, don't stop the antibiotic. It could come back, so do it a full four days. But, if your hens aren't really feeling at all lethargic, your case could be the same as rachaelakers. Hope that helps!!!
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    Jan 2, 2013
    She seems to be alright now.
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    Aug 18, 2011
    rachaelakers, glad your chicken is feeling better.

    I have a poo question that seems to be related though.
    One of my hens keeps a messy rear. I've checked her very closely and the skin around her vent is normal - pink and clean. The feathers below it are clunked with poo. I've seen her when she goes to the bathroom and it's a 'nice' solid dropping. A few weeks ago, when I first noticed it, she was really clunked up and several other hens had a bit of poo in their feathers too. I trimmed the feathers - added ACV back to their water (stupid of me to have gone off it) cut out the kitchen scraps and started giving them oatmeal and yogurt a couple of times a week. Everyone is much better - and no one's skin got irritated or anything - but the clunked up feathers persist. Perhaps it's better only because the fluff is shorter and it misses more often?
    Is it normal to have a bit of poo back there?? I mean, dogs and cats keep themselves petty clean... should I just expect a little poo in the feathers and ignore it?? They all seem to be just fine otherwise. They eat like little pigs, are bright and shiny, active and laying eggs (dirty eggs.. but still getting them).
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    If there is a bit of poo on the rear, it's not really something to fret about. But, you should try washing it off if there is a lot of poo on it, then try washing it off, trim the bum feathers, and see if it sticks again. If they're pooping solid poop they should be ok. :)

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