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  1. ... world are rockers? I hear that term, or read that term all the time and I'm completely lost.... I'm assuming "rockers" are eggs that are "rocking" back and forth in the incubator and are about to hatch, but I sincerely dont know....
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    Quote:I think your right [​IMG]
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    Yeah, I think that's what it means, too.
  4. You know when you were a teenager and you came home with a new term, and your mom asked you what does that mean..... well now I feel like my mom... LOL
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    oh,yes, that`s very technical poultry science terminology.
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    The first sign you are getting old......When you feel like your mom [​IMG]

  7. Well 30's coming like a freight train. I just turned 29 and I've only got 11 months until 30 already.
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    Quote:Thats maybe why you wondered about the word 'rockin'. It once meant you were having a good time.......then it meant your hatching eggs were moving.......and in 11 months you will probably get a rocking chair for your b-day and its pretty much all over at that point [​IMG]
  9. [​IMG]

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