what is a better feeder the hanging type or a trough feeder


11 Years
Jul 3, 2008
i was wondering, i have two hanging feeders 12 pound size . i made a little trough feeder out of a rain gutter its about 8ft long and they seem to like it as they can get to the feed better. as im wondering if some of my flock gets enough food consumption because they are slacking in the egg department. maybe some of the birds are getting pushed from the hanging feeders.
What if . . . you HANG the TROUGH feeder???

I have far less waste with my trough feeder than I did from a hanging or elevated feeder. I just wrapped my trough in a bit of 2x3 welded fencing wire so they couldn't get in it and scratch and couldn't flip the feed. It has been the best method thus far.

I found they really flipped or flicked feed in the hanging feeders and sometimes, in the humid summer months, the fine laying mash didn't want to flow effectively out the holes. With the trough, I know at a glance how much they have eaten and I can regulate their intake daily. Less trouble to fill, less trouble to clean.

Since I am using the DLM this year, I have elevated my trough on cement blocks to keep the shavings from getting scratched into the feed.

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