WHAT is a broad breasted turkey?!?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by teenchik, Apr 23, 2011.

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    What type of turkey over what type of turkey makes the broad breasted production turkey?

    With chickens it is a cornish white over a white rock, what is it with turkeys?!

    If any of ya'll know what the cross is..... or if there is one..... please help I don't wanna AI, I like my relationship with the poultry platonic..... [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I'm going to guess that the parents are extremely line bred especially to produce the BBW. Ditto for the Cornish X. You can't just purchase the breeding stock and you won't be able to replicate with what is easily available.

    However, I wish you luck and if you get a good type of heavy table bird, let us all know how you did it.
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    BB turkeys are AI, sorry...

    That being said, I am trying an experiment. I held over a few BB White hens last year, and have them with a White Holland tom. Probably any heritage white tom would do. I figure the offspring should be bigger than heritage, but smaller than a pure BB. The reason they are AI is because the tom is too big and heavy to do the deed himself. If he tried, he would probably tear the hen up pretty bad trying to stand on her. The hens aren't a good choice to set on the eggs, they could accidentally squish the eggs. I say they 'could', not they will because I did have a BB hen some years ago sit on some eggs. Unfortunately, it was out in the weeks and that was the year that a family of raccoons moved in. They tore her up pretty bad and she didn't make it. But she didn't break any eggs that I know of... But I figure that with selective breeding to make sure that the toms don't get too big, I should be able to get a line of my own going.
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    If you search the archives, I started a thread about whether people thought the different colors of turkeys were really different strains or just different colors. In that thread, I expressed my ignorance of what a broad-breasted turkey was (I didn't realize that they were hybrids like heavy chickens). Anyway, if you can find that thread, someone pasted in a great brochure describing how BB turkeys were created. Maybe that same someone can repost that information.
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