What is a Golden Red chicken???


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Mar 25, 2008
Our local farm supply store is ordering some chickens and they say they have some Golden Reds that are coming in. What in the world is a Golden Red?!?!
I have never heard of this one!
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Sounds like a red/gold sexlink. They are usually very sweet birds, reddish golden in color, with some white feathers showing through here and there. They are bred to be sexed by color at hatch and to be prolific producers of large, brown eggs.

My first gold sex-link was my friendliest chicken. I lost her to a predator, and now I have a 4 week old that I am raising up with my Speckled Sussex chicks. She seems to be as friendly as my first one.
Good! I have just reserved 18 pullets from our local farm supply store. They will be in he 23rd!!! I'm so excited!
Yes, I know them as Golden Comets, as well. I have 5 of them and they are great birds: friendly, hardy, and prolific egg layers. And in the Fall, we'll see how a couple of them are in the crockpot (I don't say that casually: very difficult part for me and i'm still not used to it. But it's a part of farming and one of the several reasons - egg laying, bug control - that I have them).
Thanks for the info! I just split an order with my brother and I had no info on them. Reich's has no info online either. This helped, and you are right; they are friendly, inquisitive and I find them quite humorous at times!
Anyone who's ordered the Reich's Golden Reds in the past decade this thread's been active, can I ask for some feedback and whether you'd recommend them? Maybe a few photos so I don't just sit and imagine they look like the "Golden Comets" or "Red Stars" Google shows me. :) I'm looking at two of Reich's breeds for April 2018 and trying to decide. Reich's seems to have a pretty fantastic reputation, and their prices are relieving.

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