What is a normal percentage of successful hatches under a broody?

Hmmm,let me think...Oh YES how about 0%?

None of the eggs hatched.Its the darn Gobbler again.Isnt he "fertilizing" them?

I am really frustrated....
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I've had them lose a few, and I've had them all hatch. Once I lost them all; apparently the hen killed them as they hatched (I saw her kill the last one.)
Alexander - what turkeys? Commercial birds need AI to get reasonable fertility and some old breeds are better with AI. Basically all commercial birds are AI'd - all 100 zillion each year.
We've only done this twice so far. The first hen hatched four out of six - two were duds, no development. The second hatched all four of the eggs that lasted long enough, but she started with 8... four of them got broken by other hens crowding in, and I think we may have an egg-thief in the flock as well... so now we isolate the broodies as soon as we give them eggs.

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