what is a tetra pint


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May 12, 2010
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I called a tractor supply about chicks and they said all they had left were tetra pints. They said they were egg chickens. Is there such a chicken? Another tsc had slw, comets and rocks. So I will finally get my slw. Any advice on picking females only?

I picked up a couple "tetra tint" yesterday from our local TSC. I've researched a bit on BYC...since I had to tell the lady at the store about the golden comets and then explain that one of thier ducklings had wry neck and needed treatment. Anyways, I've found out that they are a mixed breed that Mr. hatchery does just for TSC. It's supposed to look sort of like a White leghorn (but not completely) and give a cream colored egg.

Hope it helps.

Good Luck!
I saw some at TSC also. I looked them up and all I could find was they were a commercial hybrid chicken. That was about it. I wasn't interested. I will go back on Monday when they have more black Jersey Giants.
I just called Mt. Healthy & asked about Tetra Tint: Yellow as chicks. Adult-White bird, some may get dark spots, hens average 5 lbs. egg color is tinted light beige and they are high egg producers. Thats about all the info. they had on the birds
I've got them too and that's all the info I could get. I went today and got some rhode island reds and one plymouth rock because it looked nothing like the others.
hey are from Mt Healthy hatchery and are only being sold to Tractor Supply to sale in their stores.

Here is a quote from an email when I emailed Mt Healthy about them
We are carting the tetra tints just for Tractor Supply, we do not have them listed on the website, they are a high producers of creamy brown eggs, they are white in color maybe with some darker spots on them and the adult hens will reach app 5 lbs

Thank you,
Mt Healthy Hatcheries

So they would bacically be a cross of a White Leghorn with another production breed, similar to the Austra Whites that Cackle is carrying this year that are a cross of a Black Australorp roo on White Leghorn hens.​

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