what is best for sanitation between batches


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May 13, 2009
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We just gave away our raggedy used chickens
and will soon be getting some new started pullets.
What would be best to sanitize the coop between these batches?; the floor is concrete and there is one block all around. The walls are insulated but we have plastic on them. We may be able to put up real inner walls of paneling like that made for shower walls but prolly will just have the plastic.
The old chickens were like 2 to 3 years old
and free ranged here and at their previous abode so they likely have been exposed to whatever all outside birds can get exposed to. The new ones will be started pullets almost straight from the hatchery. The old ones weren't sick but the new ones might not have any immunity to whatever the old ones were used to.
I am thinking a bleach solution to spray all over but I don't know what it will do to the floor.
Does anyone have any recommendations? We just cleaned it out and the new ones shouldn't be here for a week or two. We want to spray the daylights out of it with something to kill off any mites that could be there , don't know how long mites live with no chickens or if they have eggs to survive.
Any suggestions?
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