what is Clotile?!


In the Brooder
9 Years
May 10, 2010
Austin, TX
We got her from a farmer, thinking she was a silver laced wyandotte. Well she's clearly not that but - what is she?!
Also, is that lump on her neck normal for her breed?


She is the most scaredy-cat chicken ever, I can never get close to her. I always thought it was a lump but will make an effort to catch her to feel it to see if its just a beard. Thanks!
Good call, speckledhen! Just went out to feel her - and that lump is ALL feathers! I didn't know EE had beards, I never wouldve guessed. Thanks!
Now I know what she is, and that she's okay. Yippee!
The crop is much lower on the chest than that. That is not a crop lump. It looks like it is filled with air. Does it feel like an airy bubble? It doens't appear to be a beard either. If it's air, she may have a ruptured air sac.

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