What is 'drenching' a chicken & how much do I use


Jul 25, 2016
I've got a hen with a nasty red infection on her belly along with a pustule. I bought some DVL OxyTetra-A powder and it says it can be used as drench for individual treatment.

I've googled 'drench' although find no actual instructions and I'm assuming it's NOT soaking the chicken in medicated water, which would be my understanding of how to 'drench' something. I want to treat this one hen only. I know 1 gram can be put into 1.1 Litre of water for drinking although clearly that's more water than one hen will drink.

How do I get the amounts down to 'single chicken' quantity and would I feed it to her by syringe multiple times a day or??

AND where the heck would I find this information on the internet!


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Welcome to BYC. Drenching is giving the medicine directly by mouth. For chickens, oxytetracycline is meant to be given in the water. So, I would place her in a cage or dog crate with her usual food, and put 1 gram in a liter of water. She will drink the appropriate amount for her weight. Do this for 5 days, according to the directions, but many give it for 7 days.
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