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    IDK my esquvar leg horn went broody again this is the second time in 2 months and she took my little bit with her last time she took lilly with her (they go broody with her at the same time) I was told leg horns rarly go broody and I did not know it was catchy is it somthing I am doing to make them go broody? I am just going to let it run its course this time as she is doing it in the nesting box and not my room. ugh ugh ugh

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    I also read that leghorns don't go broody often, or not as often as some breeds! Your choices with het (them) are: give her some fertile eggs to hatch for you or break her broodiness. You can do that by putting her in a wire cage with only food and water, no nesting materials! A broody hen's body temperature goes up a bit and when in the cage it's really hard for them to maintain that, so after an average of 3 days they give up.
    Whichever you decide, good luck!

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