what is ideal humity PLEASE Advice HELP


10 Years
Feb 8, 2009
what does everyone think the humity should be for the eggs when they go in the hatcher,I always thought 60% was good but now I
m hearing thats to high please sound off.i have chicks in there now and 2 dozen more going in today please advice thanks
I think many run it in the 40s the first 18 days an 60s the last 3.
Others run it in the 20s an 30s the first 18 days an 70s the last 3.
I've had good results running it in the teens the first 18 an 80+ the last 3.

You have to find what works for you.
I think it depends a lot on what bator you are using; I keep my humidity at 40-50 the first 18 days, and then up it to 70 for hatching.
The first 18 days i really dont pay attention to the humidity (sort of dry incubation i guess). I just add water maybe once a week. I do make sure the air sacs are growing like they should be.

The last 3 days I keep the humidity 60-65%.

50-60% the first 18 days seems way to high. It should be around 30-40%, if you are measuring.
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I does depend on what kind of incubator and where you are at. If you are at a high elevation/very dry climate a higher humidity may be needed. If you are at a lower elevation or humid climate--a lot less humidy id required.

I judge by the size of the air cell when I candle about how much humidity. This last batch was a small on the air cells, so I dropped the humidity a little. I usually candle at least two times, and then before they before the hatch.

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