What is it?


7 Years
May 25, 2012
Near Amarillo Texas
This little guy is from a breeder who has BR's, EE's, and Leghorns. We are not exactly sure what he is other than ugly. Don't worry they are past their seperation time and only with the big guys under supervision. He looks like a fuzzy velocirapter. He is also very aggressvie towards people. So what ever he is unless he cools his tude hes lunch.

The little black and white thing with a mostly white head.

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I don't know what it is, but I don't think it's kinda cute! Give it time... my most aggressive chick has ended up being the most curious and friendly one now that she is 10 weeks old.
Actually I think he is adorable. if you keep him you could name him Woody cause he kinda looks like a woodpecker!
It's definitely a rooster. Has legs of a leghorn and barring of a BR. Did those folks have white or brown leghorns? If they only had white, then the white LHs couldn't be the parent due to the White dominant gene, but the head color pattern isn't pure BR. Either way, it's a boy!
Yeah we figured he was a little roo. They had white leghorn hens. The rooster was a BR. They only kept their EE's seperate. They have since sold all but the EE's and BR's. This little guy dubbed Uggs by my husband has been brought in with the other little roo of the bunch. What I am going to do with so many roosters is beyond me. Maybe someone around here will buy them.

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