What is laid 15+ eggs out of my show stock and projects

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    This is what I have right now.

    6 egg Cayuga duck egg I have shown three of my young black cayugas They have won 1st everytime I have shown them. I have two black drakes with black, blue, and one sliver hen.

    5 eggs from my Bantam Lemon cochins. I have a Brown red rooster over Lemon blue, one black frizzle pullet and Lemon Splash hens. The rooster has been shown and got RV at one show. I know one of the Lemon Blue hens are laying and one of the splash hens.

    5 eggs from my LF Lavender Ameraucanas. I have two Lavender roosters over Lavender, Lavender Split, and black Ameraucana hens. These are pullet eggs.

    We have had good fertility here, but I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping and/or incubation methods. I accept paypal. I can ship these as early as today.

    If you buy these, please pay my paypal at [email protected]


    This is the only picture of one my lemon blue hens. This was taken when I got her. She looks a lot better now, but you can see her color.

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