What is my chicken?


May 29, 2020
I got a free chicken when I placed an order said it was their choice. So it was a yellow chick with feathered feet and 5 toes...now it is turning dark brown and black. Taking much longer to feather out then the rest like he/she is half feather and the rest have been fully feathered for a couple weeks. I looked a favorelles and they are cream and he is not. I have never had these kind of chickens before so need some help of what it could be?
Sounds like it could be a male favorelles, which look completely different than the pullets/hens. I just had two salmon favorelles delivered. One of them is supposed to be a cockerel. Some of the favorelles roosters can be milder than other breeds (if what I have read is correct), and this will be my first cockerel. I wanted to start with a rooster that has a reputation for being easier.

I'm only a year or so into having chickens, but I think silkies may have feathered legs and 5 toes....?
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