What is my colour??

The Kooky Kiwi

Dec 23, 2017
New Zealand, Golden Bay
Hi Team! Seeking opinions ;)

I purchased & hatched eggs from a reputable fellow - from his black line of Araucana. (We are in NZ so here we do have crests, beards and tails). Amongst the expected black babies I got a surprise blue - and an additional surprise - it was rumpless! I've posted in a previous threads about this bird and his rumplessness.

Anywhoo.. fast forward a few weeks.. and I realise this "blue" bird, which I now believe to be a cockerel, is feathering in red feathers down his back and saddle area.

Anyone care to offer an opinion on what could be going on with this young man genetics / color wise?

Mum must have been a very dark blue (looking black) and dad is assumed to be black (all other chicks are black with no odd colors coming out).

2020.12.02 Blue Rumpless 2.jpg 2020.12.02 Blue Rumpless.jpg
2020.12.02 Blue Rumpless Gold Saddles 2.jpg 2020.12.02 Blue Rumpless Gold Saddles.jpg
Blue with red leakage appears to be the consensus. A local araucana breeder with Maaaany colours and lots of knowledge has shared some valuable intel :thumbsup

Would seem that our black/blue birds here do have a tendency towards the red leakage in the males and it's an exercise in strict quality control to breed then keep the nice solid blues and blacks in the males.

Time will tell just how much red he evenutally feathers in so we are taking a watch and see approach for now.

As it happens, that breeder is working with red based birds, so we have tentatively made an arrangement for him to go there - perhaps become part of one of her project pens.

Failing that I'll find a place for him here in my bachelor group.

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