What is NPIP?


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I've never heard about this before. What does NPIP stand for?
National Poultry Improvement Plan or it can mean Non Profit Insurance Program

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NPIP: National Poultry Improvement Plan


It is a Pullorum and Typhoid free certification, (different from the one that is free).

There are lots of conflicting information on this.
I have been told that anyone can become a ceritfied tester, but when I contacted USDA about this, they told me that only an approved avain vet can be a certified tester.

I was also told that to become NPIP certified, I would be charged a dollar amount per bird that I own, have to have an approved vet come out and test for which ever diseases that NPIP wanted tested for several times a year.
The vet cost and lab fees would be my responsibility.

After weighing the costs, I decided not to participate in this program.
Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) comes and tests my chickens for Avian Flu and USDA comes and tests for Pullorum and Typhoid for free.
In order to sell chickens anywhere other than my home, I have to have a certificate from TAHC, (renewed yearly) which the fee is figured by how many fowl you have.
I figure I already give the government enough money in order to raise chickens every year.

Who can be certified and what the costs are vary state by state.

In some states testing is free or very inexpensive; in others the cost is prohibitive. Some states will certify lay people and they can test thier own flocks. Other states require that their staff do testing. Some have both avialable. Some states perform the mimimum usda tests; others have additional requirements.
Thank you for all the information on NPIP. I just have my Chickens for eggs, I do not breed or sell. I do not think I would have to worry about being NPIP Certified. I just raise Chickens for myself, and the Eggs I give to neighbors and friends.
THe eggs for yourself and that you give away may be a reason to be NPIP--everyone has to make their own decisions--but the purpose of NPIP is to identify birds carrying salmonella in their eggs.--or more specifically identify those who are FREE from salmonella.
I treat every egg and every chicken we cook as if it has salmonella. Proper cooking and cleaning of counter and utensils should kill any left over bacteria. Cook everything thoroughly making sure that whatever you are cooking reaches 160 degrees F kills all bacteria.

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