What is on my chicks BUTT


Jul 25, 2016
pilot mountain nc
I have heard of pasty butt and all of the pictures I have seen are no where near as much as this. Can anyone tell me if this is pasty butt, how to treat it and if it isn't pasty butt what is it?
That is pasty butt, a pretty severe case at that. I'd hold that clump of poop under the faucet (warm water) and get it softened and removed as quickly as possible.
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Pasty butt. Warm water usually dissolves the poo. Once cleaned, dry the chick thoroughly.
Pasty butt is usually caused by stress of some sort. Is the brooder too hot? Too cool? In too noisy a place? Too crowded?
Once you get her cleaned I'd also think about some probiotics (packets from tractor supply) or some plain greek yogurt to get her gut bacteria in shape. On my last batch of chicks I added the probiotic packets to their water for the first week and only had one very mild case of pasty butt on one chick. Also remember to gently dry her off after you've removed the clump (a hair dryer on low will work)

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