What is she??? *pic heavy*


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Aug 28, 2008
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I bought this pullet this afternoon at the local feed store. I am guessing her age at 12-15 weeks? (If anybody has any input on her age, I would appreciate it). I was just wondering what breed she is.
Here are some pics.....




Also I just wanted to add that she is VERY loving. She runs over to me and jumps on my lap.......and I just got her TODAY! This is my first chicken to sit on my lap YAY! I love it,lol.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks......Kayla
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Awww. She looks like a blue wheaten Old English game bantam. Old English can be very sweet! I would say she's over 6 months or about there.
Wow.....could she be that old?? She only weighs about 12 ounces. I would like to see the eggs that come out of her!!
Hmmmm...I'm curious

If she is a small breed and is as old as 6 months wouldn't her comb/wattles (sp?) be bigger and possibly brighter?
I am curious about that too,lol. I have no idea how she should look at 6 months,lol. I know that she is a bantam so she is small.
shes definately some type of Game... but im not sure whether its old english, or gamefowl.... have never seen old englishs come that color (in the wheaten variety their kind of a light brown... maybe whiteish cream color with red hackles), gamefowl. come that color and the above wheaten color posted.. plus shes growing spurs which can happen but isn't VERY common in Old english, loads of Gamefowl hens have spurs though... so i guess its your choice, if shes a old english bantam-wont get any bigger.. if gamefowl-going to weigh about 3-4 pounds at full grown.. and be the size (tall ) of.. maybe a leghorn or some other chicken like that


PS, by how she looks. would guess 4-5 months
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Her comb and wattles are big for an oeg pullet/hen!
They will get brighter and redder when she starts to lay.

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