What is she & where did she come from?!


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This is Rabbit, I hatched her in early spring. All the eggs came from my flock that's made up of a Brown Leghorn Roo, a few B-Rocks, Austalorps, Speckled Sussex, & Black Sexlinks. She somehow came out with a really wild pattern and puffy cheeks like an EE but lays light brown eggs consistently. If I didn't know any better I'd think our hawks were getting in some side action while my Roo's not lookin! She was the only one to come out with this pattern, the others were very true to their Mamas. She's the smartest, fastest, and most aware of the group but hangs out in the lower end of the pecking order. She also makes a clicking noise I haven't heard from any of the other ladies.:idunno
She's very pretty!

Do you have a pic of your Brown Leghorn rooster?

I'm just wondering if there's a chance he's part Easter Egger.
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It has been my experience that the beard and muffs are fairly dominant. I don't know that they can just pop up from chickens that don't have them. Any chance you (or a neighbor!) has/ had any easter eggers that could be a parent?
"Rabbit" also has a pea comb, which is dominant over a single comb, which means one of her parents has a pea comb. Do any of your hens have pea combs? (I know based on breed they shouldn't, but I'm wondering if one of them is possibly part Easter Egger)
Any chance you (or a neighbor!) has/ had any easter eggers that could be a parent?


A hen can lay fertile eggs sired by the previous rooster for a month or more.

I also had two flocks this summer, one with a rooster and one without, housed about 1000 feet apart, but allowed to free range. I never saw the rooster anywhere close to the other hens, and the two flocks kept very separate, but then one of the rooster-less hens went broody on a clutch of eggs and all but one of the eggs hatched.

Another possibility, if you have a neighbor with chickens, is that one of their hens could have used one of your nest boxes.
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