What is she?


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Oct 10, 2009
Santa Fe, TX
I'm pretty sure she's a she, anyway. The others are so male, it's funny. She looks almost exactly like my little black EE, Ethel. Except this little one is white. If she's an EE, then she'll be saved from "roasted" and given a proper name. I'm thinking Hedwig. She has a tiny little comb and grey/green legs. Longish tail feathers. Sorry for the small pic, cell phone was used.

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The comb is tiny compared to the other three that I'm raising up. She/he has yet to crow, and the other three have. I've named them enchiladas, pot-pie, and dumplings.
Looks just like my white EE - and everyone on here voted HE not SHE...just saying, I am no expert. Look.....

I found my chickens twin in your chicken!
i have a ? when your white EE was a baby, was her entire legs colored or just her feet? i have 2 chicks that are mainly white with yellow heads and only the feet are colored. i had a BO owner from BYC look at their pics and he wasn't for sure b\\c of the feet. now that i know a white EE is possible, i was just wondering.
That's a good question. I bought four babies from the feed store around Easter. They were all dyed spring colors, it's a thing the hatcheries do around that time of year to boost sales or sell chicks they couldn't otherwise sell. I bought the chicks planning to stock the freezer, but it looks like the one I photographed might be spared-if she turns out to be a she that is. LOL

Here's a baby pic. You can kind of see the feet.
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