What is she?


9 Years
Aug 31, 2013
Branson MO
Bought her as a chick and was told she would be a Red Star. She's 6 months old now & doesn't look like pics of Red Stars! Anyone know?
I would have to agree, she looks just like two of my EE's. She might not lay quite as much as a Red Star, but you'll get lovely eggs. As a bonus all four of my EE's have friendly and sweet personalities.
Wow thanks you guys! I've looked at other EE images & that's her! She's exactly 6 months old & no eggs yet. Are they considered good layers & are eggs always blueish in color?
She looks to have a pea comb, which is genetically linked to blue or green eggs. Her comb's not really bright red yet, though, so eggs may be a ways off. Once in a while you get Easter eggers that lay cream or light brown eggs.
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