What is the best all-around feed for quail production?


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May 24, 2010
I'm new to Button Quail and have been reading about game starter, grower, breeder, laying mash, crumbles, and more terms than I can remember. The terms are a little different on the bags of feed that I'm looking at in the stores. While everyone seems to recommend game bird or turkey feed, the TSC near us carries various "game cock" feeds. Their regular chick starter is labeled for quail and turkeys as well as chickens. Their game starter is labeled Showbird feed for chickens. The pet shop that we bought our buttons at sells their own feed mix by the pound, which looks like millet, grit, and some pulverized feed of some kind.

Since small quantities cost $1 a pound and large bags are around $17 for 50 lbs, I would rather get something in bulk that will be highly nutritious for all life stages. We have a breeding pair of button quail, two chicks, and 31 eggs in the incubator. We also have 5 Golden Comet pullets so, if this feed is also ideal for them, we don't have to worry about it molding before it is all eaten.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a feed that would be perfect for all of the birds? Should I just be looking for a certain protein content and feeding ground eggshells on the side? (I used to raise dogs and I know, for example, that a high quality puppy food would be excellent for all life stages because it is superior to the adult dog food.) Also, what consistency should I be getting for their tiny beaks to eat? Or will I end up needing to put it through the blender no mater what?

Just out of curiosity...I know I'm supposed to find unmedicated feed, but why is this? Are the meds unsafe for quail, or just in too high a dose so that they overmedicate themselves when they eat it?

Thanks a lot!
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