What is the best egg laying hens out of these breeds?


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Mar 9, 2008
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On this page, which are the best egglayers? Im thinking of ordering 6 started pullets. The breed choices are Red Started Pullets , Started White Leghorn Pullets , and Black Star Started Pullets.


Also, what breeds are they exactly??? Are the red pullets there "rhode island reds"?

Haha, funny, I live in rhode island and dont know this XD
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There's not much difference between a black star and a red star.They are both "mutts' that are sexed by color at birth.They both are very good egg layers.The leghorns are terrific but they will lay white eggs so it depends on what you want.Can't go wrong with any of them of large eggs is what you want.I'd get some of them all but that's just me.
I have had the black stars in the past and they are really good at egg laying. Mine kept up with the RIR which are in my opinion the best at spitting out eggs.I never had the other two breeds so someone else will have to comment on those breeds.
I've had the red stars, black stars, and leghorns. Red and blacks are pretty calm and nearly the same, and the leghorns are flighty. I find my leghorns lay up a storm though and the stars are a bit slower, but can't be beat for brown egg production.

However, I personally would not buy started pullets. They will have their beaks "trimmed" which means that the tips are cauterized off so they cannot peck at each other in the factory conditions in which they are raised. The beaks will not grow back and it leaves the birds a bit deformed for life.
I have all 3 of those breeds, all are great egg layers.

The leghorn is an egg laying machine, but they tend to be flighty.

Be aware that if you buy started pullets from that company, they will be debeaked.
As everyone else has said, they are all great layers. I would not have Leghorns again, I hand raised them and even still they freaked out and flew all over the place whenever I went in the yard or coop. The other hens would come running, my 5 crazy leghorns (from McMurray) were kind of idiots.
Leghorns are so funny though IF you can put up with their antics. Flighty is good out here while free ranging... one was dancing around on the roof of the second story part of the house once... I told her to get down before a hawk saw her and made a meal of her on the roof.

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