What is the best feeder?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by Blue Ridge Hillbilly, May 22, 2011.

  1. Blue Ridge Hillbilly

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    Feb 4, 2009
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    My Barred Rocks pullets are now about 6 Weeks old and are eating me out of house and home. I am noticing a lot of feed being pecked out onto the floor. Has anyone out there a good recommendation of a hanging feeder that prevents waste? If you have a hanging feeder ( make, model, distributor, etc.) I would love to hear from you.
  2. 1776

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    Apr 12, 2011
    it's pretty easy to make one yourself out of a bucket and a planter pot dish... i made one the other week... i googled chicken feeder, or auto feeder and saw some pics and instructions to make one... it works pretty good imo... check it out...
  3. msbee

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    Mar 17, 2011
    I made one of those bucket feeders - it didn't help - they pecked and pecked until they emptied it in about 24 hours. 90% was in the bedding! Thinking they would starve, I refilled the bucket.

    Then we got 4-legged furry critters in the coop, and I researched and finally learned not to feed them in the coop. We give them (I have 5 girls) a scoop (about 3 cups) each morning in the run. We don't renew it until most of it is gone - maybe every other day. They will eat different seeds at different times (I make my own feed with a variety of seeds) and they free range. They are big and healthy and great layers, and I'm finally saving a ton of money on feed!
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    Jan 30, 2011
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    We use a regular feeder ( large plastic one I paid 15 bucks for, but I hang it so it's neck level, my chcks can not poop in it or scatter it. It's been great. But when I had the feeder on the floor of the brooder they made a terrible mess, and also the coop. Hang your feeder it will save you lots of hassles
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