What is the best roof for a coop/run in the desert?


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Feb 24, 2016
Phoenix, AZ
I am finally going to start building my new coop/run for my small flock of bantam hens and am looking for some advice on the roof.

I have designed a walk-in shed style coop/run that will be about 10 feet wide by 14 feet long by 6 feet tall at the lowest roof point and the entire structure will be covered for shade and monsoon protection. It will be 2 foot by 6 foot half inch hardware cloth panels on three sides for ventilation and the back, which is two feet from my back west side block wall, will be solid 2 foot by 6 foot panels and made of shed paneling do to the heat that radiates from the wall. I have decided to use the individual panel concept since we may be moving in the next few years and this will make it easy to disassemble the run and take it with us.

One thing that I have not decided on is the roofing material. This is important because the coop is in the sun all day. My previous coops (I have multiple smaller coops that I have been buying as my flock expands and connecting them together to make one larger run area) all have a wooden roofs with some sort of rough painted coating on it. I have noticed that during the summers these coops take forever to cool off at night even though they are open-sided. I have read that it may be because the roof is made of wood and wood hold the heat whereas a metal roof may get just as hot but cools off quickly once it is out of the sun.

If anyone has any experience with these two roofing materials I would greatly appreciate it and so would my little ladies!

Thank you in advance for your advice.
Could you insulate the roof? Something rodent proof, covered so the birds can't destroy it either. Living in the frozen north, I don't really know, except that insulation would help.
In your dry climate, watering the roof would cool it down too.

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