What is the best roof type for a kennel coop in hot Texas?


8 Years
Dec 9, 2011
I am heading off to Home Depot to purchase corrugated roof panels for my new kennel coop. In Houston, our main concern weather-wise is HEAT and humidity. Would the galvanized steel, fiberglass, or plastic (PVC) be best in my situation?

Any help appreciated!
I know the metal roof would conduct heat during the day & keep the coop warmer during the night. I have the not clear corrugated roof on my coop (converted green house). I am near Ft Worth and it was quite warm in the coop this summer. Just make sure they have enough shade in their run area, and upper venting to let the hot air escape at night.
wow hello texas, just saw your post. I hope you got the metal. your weather is much like ours. we are 45 miles inland and the metal roof is great. our winter temps are colder and summers hotter than the coast. it was brutal this past summer.
Well, I did buy the metal (whew!) as I read that the plastic will shatter in our hail storms and fiberglass decomposes. Someone suggested spray painting it with a heat reflective white paint. Would that be worth the effort and cost, do you think? Or should I just leave it the shiny silver?

Thanks for responding! : )
Hey! Fort Worth here! I dont care what anyone tells you,the most important thing is VENTALATION,VENTALATION,VENTALATION!!!!!!!!!! My coop has screen walls half way up. Metal is the best way to go. Ofcourse go with what you can afford. With me that aint much!!
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I think a reflective paint would be well worth the time, effort and money. We often spray our metal roof with water from the hose in the summer to cool down the coop. Maybe I need to get a gallon of that paint and climb up a ladder!
Hey we are in Texas also, and are building a new coop, We bought the solar boards at home depot has something on it to reflect the heat in summer , and retain in winter. then we Shingled the roof with light gray/white. we also have it framed where the is harware cloth on the insides. so we have windows that we can open and close on all sides in the summer and close in the winter. and put a wirlly vent thing in the roof. It is still a work in progress.
A friend gave me an old truck topper a couple years ago, and instead of having it laying around the yard FOREVER, I decided to use it for the coop roof. So my coop is only as big as a truck topper! But it's a cute coop, and I'm very happy with it. My walls are 1/2 wood, and 1/2 wire. It gets very hot here, too. I also have a large woodsy run, so the chickens really only stay in the coop to sleep and lay eggs.
I'm in Grand Prairie not far from Ft Worth. I used metal on the coop and the opaque plastic stuff on the run. I wish I had know about the Kool Seal. I like the look of the metal, but it was a pain in the neck to work with. The edges are very sharp. The thought the plastic stuff was much easier to use.

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