What is the best way to put a cat to sleep?

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by The Chickens' Maid, Jul 21, 2010.

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    May 8, 2010
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    I totally agree!!!
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    Quote:I'm moving where you live...

    We have an older dog we will need to put down eventually - even at the local humane society it is $80 and you can't have the remains nor do they cremate them seperately - they just end up with all the other animals they put down.

    Cats are $50.

    If we "relinquish" her we would never be able to get another animal from them.
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    Its expensive here too- even a rat is about $80 but if I didn't have the money my vet would do it anyway- I'd be on a payment plan. Cities have more expensive euthanasia because otherwise people would just put down healthy adult dogs to get puppies (throw away society).
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    Jul 10, 2009
    Quote:Can of ether can be had at the auto parts store---its called engine start fluid----

    I've had to put down my family's pets in the past, I've used a 22LR---it's very humane and quick, I agree, taking an old ailing pet to the vet is very stressful for the pet.
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    I paid to have my cat put down two days after Christmas! I am tearing up now because I miss him so much! They ave him a medicine that made him comotose but I know he was scared! Then he gave him a shot directly in his heart that killed him! If I or DH could have done it with a bullet it would have been quicker and more humane! I understand no money!( My sons GF paid for my cat to be put down and I paid her back!) If you ]have a friend or someone that can do it ..say goodbye and let them! It would be best! If you bury your cat dont put it in plastic...just wrap it in a towel or cardboard box. You want it to turn to dust and go back into the earth...no plastic!
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    So sorry for you and families loss!
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    Quote:That's not how its usually done- sedation is given then an intravenous shot... rats and tiny animals (birds) get cardiac shots.
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    The cats rates are $50 and dogs were $80. It's quicker to have a bullet in the head than paying for a vet to humanely put the animal down.

    I've done it with our pet dog, it was hard but had to be done. She was suffering badly. Our vet would have done the same thing when we were given the choice, either pony up the $50 for the shot OR pay 50 cents for a bullet and $25 for his call.

    I remember during vet class, the quickest way is to fill up a huge stringe of air (we were doing horses), pop it in their jagular vein, and down they go. It was very quick.
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    Sorry you are having to go through this.... I've never had to put down a cat or dog with out vet assistance so I can't help you there. I am with the other posters that maybe you can work out a payment plan or reduced cost if you call around to some vets offices.

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    "I've had to put down my family's pets in the past, I've used a 22LR---it's very humane and quicK"
    OK now i have 2 old dogs i have to put down this year maybe ok now were do u place the shot? is there more info the internet on this thanks.
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    I can put down other animals, but my PETS are going to be put down with a shot by the vet. I cannot and will not do it myself for fear of injuring and not doing it properly.

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