What is the Easiest way to switch roos?

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Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
We have to little flocks of chickens; one in the backyard (4 hens and 1 roo) and a flock on property in the country about 3 miles away. Rehoming plans fell through, and, we've decided to keep the one roo that is at the bay now and take the one from the house to the bay until we can rehome him. Whew...

Our idea is to do the switch at night and just put each on the roost with the hens, and, be there in the morning to make sure there's no/little trouble. Even though these chickens were all raised together, should we separate each roo in cage or a little pen BEFORE we put them on the roost? What would y'all do?
I think it will work just fine, if I understand you right, you are going to switch roosters, not put both roosters in the same place. If your roosters are full grown, he is going to do just fine with just hens. They may have a tussle at first, but he will or should be dominant, and soon they will all come around.

If you are putting the two roo's togther, and they are full grown, I would not do that.

When I added a new roo, I just opened up the cage and let him in. The dominant hen, got tough, but he gave it right back, and that was the end of it. mrsK
Thanks for the reply. And yes, I am just 'switching' roos. They are only about 22 wks. old. I never intended to keep a roo here at the house, but the buff orp roo at the bay is really tame like my 4 buff orp girls, so we're going to switch and see how it goes. I think my SLW roo will be better off with more hens as he is...well....quite 'active' and a little less gentlemanly than I'd like. So thanks again; I think that's good advice.
When I swap roosters or toms I do it at night. Take the old one out, put the new one in. He'll straighten things out in the morning when they come off the roost.

I try to make all personnel transfers at night. Much less fuss and feathers that way.

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