What is the most popular/largest hatchery?

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  1. lablover

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    Apr 7, 2012
    I'm sorry that this is not an actual chicken question...

    I'm doing a report on a hatchery, and I'd like to know if there is one that is more well known, larger, etc.?

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    Quite likely, the most "popular" or well known here on BYC would include Murray McMurray, Meyers, Ideal, and perhaps Cackle and few others, but......

    This would not tell you much about what is really important, such as selection, availability, customers service, price and quality of stock sold and things such as that.
  3. lablover

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    Apr 7, 2012
    Thanks for responding!

    For the report, I have to be able to find out

    • Size
    • Sales Volume (quantity/value)
    • Scope of product line(s)
    • Worth (if publicly traded ownership shares)
    • Number of employees
    • Locations globally
    • Market structure
    • Industry sector
  4. IS the report for the hatcheries that provide chicks
    for the small backyard chicken keeper or
    for the LARGE operations that provide chicks
    for the poultry processing industry?
    There is a big difference between them.
    Looks like there may be some online research for you!
    for the latter, you might start with Tyson-
    or George's. Doubt if they will release much info on their
    internal workings.

    I use Strombergs, & I have used Privett because my local feed store
    gets birds from them. (Shipped hatchings eggs go thru alot to get them to me
    so I rely some on hatcheries to get what i want. For the ones that provide for people
    like us on this site- you may have contact them one by one....

    Many of us would like to get a look at that report when you get done with it.
    Please post it!!!!

    Good luck.!!!

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