what is the oldest chicken you've had?

nature nut

10 Years
Aug 3, 2009
Southeast Louisiana
Just sitting here thinking about how much I love all the girls and was wondering how long can a chicken live if well taken care of? and maybe what breed was/is your oldest one?
My absolute oldest was my Black Minorca hen, Reeses, who lived to be 14 years old. She was still very healthy, but my brother's dog took it upon himself to end her life.

My second oldest would be Mr. Mom who lived to be 12 years old. He passed away this year on Mother's Day.
fancyfowl are you saying the one is about 22:eek: Wow!!!! It is good hearing they live past the 12 or 14 years.
Hmmm.... interesting. Because in Austin I had a black Minorca, who is probably going to be 15-16 next Easter- I gave her to the neighbors before I moved here, and according to them she still lays 3-4 times a week!

Her name is Attila the Hen.

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