What is the rarest chicken?

Ancient LARGE fowl. Dodo

I just found this on photo bucket...I have no idea but it says it's a Nankin bantam--rare breed of bantam and to check out the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.


ha ha...mahonri beat me to a joke.
lol! Some of those chickens in the picture have really blue feet! I wonder if the ones with blue feet lay blue eggs?? Or maybe its just the pic?
Cute bantams
Now I just typed in extinct chicken in the photobucket page and got this one...

title says... "some almost extinct Hawaiian chicken thing."


There are several on the watch list as being endangered in Europe.
Surprisingly the Orpington, not the buff but the standard original breed is on the kist.
The Ixworth, Scots Grey and Marsh Daisy are all on the endangered list.
In North America the list is long and includes the Buttercup, Buckeye, Hudan and Sumatra.

I copy & pasted this from Wiki Answers....

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